Rental houses in Pattaya. Rent a condo in Pattaya

How to search properties for rent in Pattaya:

So, first we need clarity in the definition of types of housing:

Room - a room in the house, Hotel type. It is a room, a bed, a certain amount of furniture, some tables, chairs and TV.

AC room (airconditioned room) - room with air conditioning, is usually 20-30% more expensive

Fan room - a room with a fan.

Rooms are: Thai (small, with a mimimum amenities and unpretentious furniture) and farangovskie (from 25kv.m with normal furniture). Farang Thai people call foreigners.

Internet in Thai homes usually absent

Thai and farang homes differ substantially outwardly - Thai have square windows and small balconies, generally dilapidated, and many bars on the windows.

Houses on the European style usually looks richer (external), wider windows and large balconies, parking is usually more. But the cost of renting them in 1,5-2 times higher than in the thai-style.

Condo (condominium) - this house, which can be described as B & Bs. Weekly (daily) change of linen, cleaning. Typically, a condo is the same room (room), with the same standard set of furniture, as opposed to service time and number of floors, as well as security (security, video surveillance). Almost all condos have internet (usually vi-phi).

In a condo and there are full apartments with kitchen area and separate bedrooms.

Townhouse - house is a vertical section of the building with its entrance. Usually, this two-storey section, where the first floor lounge and kitchen, and on the second floor of 1-2-3 bedrooms.

Townhouses are usually built in the form of 2.3 units on the perimeter, where the center of a common pool. This structure was surrounded with a fence and called "... resort", "... villa", "... gardens" and so on.

House - full houses, with a lawn and had some vegetation, with its gates and its garage and a swimming pool (optional). There are detached (detached) and the likeness of townhouses, where the common fences with neighboring houses. in Hausa usually all the same as in townhouses.

The houses are one storey, two storey, three storey - 1,2,3 floor

Variety of homes - a villa. For those who have money in abundance or dad Petroleum. Villa is a house with a sufficiently large adjoining plot fauna (usually grass, bushes and trees), enclosed by a fence.

How to interpret the advertisement:


AC / fan room, cat tv, wi-fi, from 4500/mo, 500/day

Means the following: rented room with air conditioning or fan, cable TV, at the price of 4500 baht per month (with fan) or 500 baht per day. The cost of rent rooms with air conditioning in the house will most likely 5500-6000 thousand baht

Deposit (the deposit amount) is usually a monthly rental cost. In Thai homes usually take less in svezheotstroennyh homes - more.

NOTE: In general, this price does not include the price of electricity, for water, for the internet, for services.

If you need just a room to rent, ask the following questions:

How much deposit for room?
How much cost electric and water unit?
How much cost room cleaning?
Do you have an internet?

The basic price of a kilowatt in Pattaya about 3.2 baht, the price of water about 12-14 baht.
In Thai homes usually say the price of 4.5 baht for electricity and 15-17 baht for water
In farangovskih homes 5.8 per kilowatt and 20-25 for water
Internet is usual in such houses is as follows: 2Mbit adsl (maksnet) and further sharing of all the tenants through wi-fi

Warning: never settle down in the room with the price of electricity more than 8 baht per unit, especially with air conditioning.

Always fed into the cost at about 1-2 thousand baht / month for electricity and water, and if using air conditioning, then 2-3 thousand baht / month


Sondo for rent 30m, wi-fi, cattv, AC, kitchen, 8000/mo

Indicates that rented studio 30 sq m, with kitchen area, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, cable TV, 8 thousand baht a month - not including electricity and water, although sometimes the price of water may already be included in the rent but nevertheless also should clarify. The same should specify how many times a month is included in the rent cleaning.

The difference between a condo on the many-roomed houses still lies in the fact that in the studio usually has a phone line and if you want you can order a adsl-internet (private-link)


Townhouse, 120m, 2storey, 3AC, 2bedroom, hi-speed adsl, common pool, kitchen, cattv, european style, fully furnitured

Means: townhouse for rent in Areda, two floors, 2 bedrooms, 3 air-conditioners (one downstairs and one in each bedroom), the total area of 120sq.m. There are kitchen area (full kitchen with stove), renovation, complete furnishing, cable tv, adsl-Internet (hi-speed word usually means 2Mb private-link).

For townhouses usually electricity is sold for 3.5-4.5bat per unit, the water at a minimal cost (usually, but not always). apart is the price for services. Typically, use of swimming pool included in rent and cleaning costs 200-400 baht (on request). Usually, regular (included in rent) cleaning done 2-4 times a month.

Houses have additional services - gardener, pool cleaning, housekeeper - all projects need to be discussed.


In the case of renting the room and rent a studio in a condo - you walk (ride on the bike) down the street, you see the poster "Condo for rent" or "Room for rent monthly", wrap it and ask questions of someone who would respond to the phrase "Hello I` m looking room for rent ". Clarify immediately that you have "room for month" - will be a different price tag and the question "how long you want stay?" (how long you want to live?) say "I want to stay about 3 months" (I want to stop for 3 months), sometimes it lowers the price, if there is no fixed price list and price naznachet owner independently on the basis of their considerations. If there is a price list for housing, pay attention to the words: short time and long time - a short-term accommodation and long-term monthly menses. Short term is usually 1-3 months, long term all that above. Price tags vary sometimes significantly.

For rent townhouses, houses and villas in a different manner:

Typically this will rent real estate for long-time (long term) rental. Sometimes homes are rented only for the long term.

Available for long time only
Available for short and long time
Available for holydays, short and long time (for rent on a very short time (3-7 days), for a month or two or more)

So if you need a house for rent anywhere in the ad is not specified rental period is about clarifying the matter:

How much cost for short time rent?
Short term is 1-3 months (in some cases 1-6 months). The long term from six months to a year.
When kratosrochnoy rental homes are usually paid a deposit 5-10 thousand baht to pay for utilities.
With a long lease to make a deposit of $ 2.3 monthly rental home, who will return within 1-2 months after the end of the rental home (when they come to past utility bills, internet, phone, etc.).

When renting homes utochnyate questions about electricity and water (as well as renting rooms). Clarify whether there is Internet and how much it costs? Usually the Internet is included in the price (already included in rent). Refine about house cleaning (cleaning house) and about gardening (gardener).

Safety: when renting real estate, pay for quality shutters on the windows and the presence of lattices. Never shine your electronics such as laptops and video cameras. Leaving the house lock up all the bars, curtains, leave the light duty include one or television. It is better to pay a premium of 200 baht for the electricity than to buy a new laptop for 30 thousand

Pricing is as follows: if you go to the agency intermediary and say - I want a house for rent in Pattaya for a month to your rent priplyusuyut from 4 to 6 thousand baht, or designate a higher price for electricity, plus the owner (if the agency is looking for home on the side, rather than offers) still appoints its price. Total rental houses for 28 thousand baht (for a long time) will cost 40 thousand baht (one month) without electricity. If you are applying in the real estate company that rents own home (or has entered into a direct contract with the owners), you get a sane price, if you want to rent a house in Pattaya for a long time, and if for a short - usually +20-30% to monthly rent. If you engage directly with the owner, you can bargain, but you yourself need to check the documents of the owner (that was not the stands) and the lease.


  • If comfort is important to you, then sift thai-style homes and houses, standing on the busy roads. Thai houses usually have a model building - the little square box, in-depth inside, or else shared balcony, shabby door grilles.
  • Search for accommodation should be the second or third line of the road. pay attention to banners and posters. If you have the word "serviced" or "luxury" - means the price of rent is likely to be from 9-10 thousand baht per room.
  • When viewed from the room, pay attention to the door. Externally, the house may look like new, but if shabby or old door, hence the quality of rooms is the same. The house can be painted, plastered, but the doors have very rarely.
  • Another point - cot. Do not hesitate to check on the bed creaking and razboltannost. This is so then the neighbors do not blush for obscene noises at night
  • Bath-room, I mean a shower, toilet. Usually, all this in a more or less good condition, look for the presence of mold on the ceiling, the presence of the water heater and water pressure. It may be that water pressure will be weak.
  • Internet - walking along the corridor, looking for a Wi-Fi adapter on the ceiling on the wall. If it is, it probably means there is internet. If the adapter is not, but some places can be seen that the twisted pair goes to the wall of rooms - meaning most likely the house is quite old, was built at a time when wi-fi was not particularly widespread. If no Internet, but like housing, look for the presence of a telephone line, if it is, to adsl easy. 2 thousand baht cables, 1-2 thousand baht fee + adsl-modem
  • Air conditioners - can be divided into two types: old (gromozkie blocks from the ceiling) and the new. Old emit noise and indirectly proves that the house is not new. New - modestly hang on the wall and come in two types: normal, when the air vsasyvaets of the room and is run and split - can be seen on the tube, which is somewhere outside. The main stream of air that is not blowing directly into the bed, otherwise you can catch a cold.
  • Food - see how far from the residence are shops and edalni. Optimally, no further than 50-60 meters, but preferably not to just under the house - where food, there is a lively movement. Do you like the noise under the windows?
  • Swimming pool - when viewed from the pool, pay attention to color and smell of water. Ideally, water should be slightly bluish, without the sharp smell of chlorine.
  • Neighbors: Thais as neighbors are normal, usually not noisy, live quietly affable.

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