At the airport. Flights

At Bangkok airport:

  • Customs control. Allowed duty-free importation of alcoholic beverages - 1 liter, cigarettes - 200 pieces, cigars or smoking tobacco - 250 grams. Not allowed to bring drugs and pornographic materials. For transportation of weapons and some types of plants and animals need to obtain permission.
  • The export of Buddha images, except for personal charms, as well as objects of religious worship and antiques is prohibited without permission of the Department of Fine Arts, Ministry of Education. When the import and export is subject to compulsory declaration of foreign currency in excess of 20 thousand dollars.
  • When cashing American express charge 33 BATA CHECK C 1, and therefore more profitable to carry a large denomination.
  • Current exchange rates
  • You can change clothes in an airport bathroom
  • By the way, Simcoe sold around the clock once in the arrival hall, where to go to the public taxi, go past stands selling all telecom operators. More section "Communication in Thailand"
  • On the way from the airport bus you can stop at any miracle shop - do not enter it`s a divorce of tourists.
  • Free maps are pretty good lie on the stand beside Gate VOA.
Buses to Pattaya:

Gates 7 and 8.

a) Buses to Pattaya is for 106-124 baht (price varies, from the words of staff, depending on the price of gasoline), the ultimate point - Jomtien (near the first View-melt), passes on through the entire Sukhumvitu Pattaya.

On the ground floor near the exits are counter to the calendar and girls selling tickets. BPC-PTT and back to 4 buses per day in each direction.

b) There is another company Bell-travel-service (h ttp: / /, ticket price 200 Baht, the service is provided door-to-door, taking tickets, fit into the travel card with the number of CMV and the name of a person Hotel / Gest / condo in the boy, who keeps a poster with the name of the company. Big bus arrives in Pattaya at the bus station on North Street, from where passengers are switching to the Mini and it takes you to the house. Mini is included in the ticket price and no extra money will not take. Suitcases are going free, the luggage ticket is not needed. The site has schedules and everything else, including a list of hotels. they serve.

Now - how to get to the bus terminal:

Arrival Zone (arrivals) is located on the second floor.

After passing through passport control and baggage claim should go down the elevator to the first floor, where all buses depart.

By this link You can see all the buses that depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

In the diagram above, red marked a possible route.

Must get to the elevator and go down to the first floor, after passing through passport control.

Taxi to Pattaya:

When planting requires the inclusion of the counter: "Taxi-METER please"

If there is a conflict situation - shoot the driver, number of taxi and taxi driver's card, this is some of them reassuring. You can also mention the "touristic police"

Option 1: Level number 4 (departure hall). Catch a taxi driver who had just dropped the passengers. If that - up to a maximum of ITL 1,000 THB.

Option 2: The level number 2 (Arrival Hall). Pass by all the racks TAXI, go out into the street. Because of the metal fencing crowd Thais happily offer you a taxi for a similar price (the only difference is that the machine will not opoznovatelnyh characters). If that - to ask Pattaya 1500, but quickly agree on the same 1,000 THB. But do not forget that this option is fraught with subsequent attempts to increase prices.

Option 3. Dude. Get your baggage, go out, and without fail bump on the counter TAXI, at the same time they hear this word every 10-15 ... Then say the magic word "Pattaya", and get a price list 2400-2500 THB (someone manages to strike a bargain and for 1500).


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