Bus service in Pattaya. Bus stations in Pattaya. Bus stop

Pattaya Beach Bus

 Designed to help tourists get around the city, the Pattaya Beach Bus service consists of three lines – Green, Red and Yellow, covering the main streets of Pattaya, Naklua and Jomtien.

Each line has been assigned a different colour to make it easier for passengers to identify the routes. Bus stops are also colour coded and numbered so passengers know where to board and disembark.

There are fixed clockwise and counter-clockwise routes for each line, served by three buses per route from 06.00 to 02.00 hours the following day. All buses are air-conditioned and contain 34 seats.

A 30-baht one-way ticket can be used on any of the routes. Visitors will also be able to purchase one-day passes at 90 baht, three-day passes at 180 baht, and one month passes at 900 baht. The passes are available at most hotels and major supermarkets (Tesco Lotus, Carrefour, Big C, etc.).

  • Look at the class of the bus, which is written in all buses on the side. If bus has number 2 or red bands on board  they are not recommended - they will stay "of each pillar" of 3-5 minutes to collect the passengers.
  • All buses going through Pattaya transit (including in Trat and Rayong), stop at the intersection of Sukhumvit Road and Central Road. If accurate, then the intersection. Some sort of stop there is. Stop is located next to the bus station to the north. Near the crossroads of Central Pattaya Rd. and Sukhumwit rd. There tusuetsya pile mototaksistov and worth a phone booth, and hanging on a pole with a small size A4 schedule on a yellow background.

  • Bus companies Nakhonchier and "407" is located on the corner of Sukumwit Rd and Pattaya Klang Rd.Flights to the north and east of Thailand: Chiang Mai (Chiangmai), Udon (Udon), Ubonrachathan (Ubonrachathan), Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok), Nongkay (Nongkai), Nakhonrachasima (Nakhonrachasima). Buses run from 5.30-21.00. 2-3 times per hour, duration of travel - 2-3 hours, cost of tickets - 90-250 baht. Flight to Bangkok (Bangkok): route number 70 with air conditioning, buses run 5.20-21.00, 2 times per hour, duration of travel - 2 hours, the ticket price - 90 baht.
  • North bus station. Located on the corner of Sukumwit Rd and North Pattaya Rd. Hence the coaches go to Bangkok and buses to the airport

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