Advertising on this website

We provide ample opportunities for our advertisers:

  • detailed coverage over Pattaya, Thailand and Cambodia (sites:,,
  • large Russian and English-speaking audience
  • flexible advertising policy
  • standard features: placing the ad block on all pages or selected sections, creating an additional section on the site directly for your company
  • if you have an office in Pattaya, we can host it on our Pattaya interactive map at Google maps and GPS
  • flexible pricing


  • SEO: our websites are actively promoted in search engines such as Yandex, Google, etc. Most of people who are looking for information about Thailand gets on our sites.
  • SMO: we have an audience in social networks such as: VKontakte, Facebook, Livejournal 

Price (

1. Advertisement (size 182h122 pix.) Appears on all pages:

  • under "Special Offers": 100 USD  / month
  • under "Discount": 100 USD  / month
  • in a separate column to the right or left (ie "House in Pattaya"):   5000 baht  / month 
2. Separate section in left menu "Services" (eg "ATV Tours "): Negotiable. (Note: when creating advertised on social networking VKontakte, Livejournal, Facebook)

3. Advertisement (300h225 pixels), or text ads in main text of any internal pages: 170 USD / month

4. Placing the company on an interactive map of Pattaya (with description and contact), as well as track points for the GPS-maps of Pattaya: 12 USD / month (minimum term - 12 months)

 5. Advertise on sites and is available at a discount of 50% (note: a minimum budget 35 USD / month)


  • links to other sites will be closed for indexation of search engines
  • restrictions on the "weight" banners: 182h122pix - up to 10 kb, 635h100pix - up to 40 kb.
  • the use of animated banner cost is increased by 50%
  • The price includes accommodation in the Russian part of the site.
  • Duplication in the English part of the site = + 50% of the 


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ICQ: 311505356
Skype: pattaya-life


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