Island Wai, Koh Wai (Ko Wai)

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Koh Wai - a small island next to Ko Chang, the complete lack of civilization, with the exception of bungalows and a restaurant. Very beautiful water - azure blue, white sand with leaves - they are not cleaned here. On the notion of Thailand - it is pure.

Pretty and primitive, Ko Wai sits about 6kms south of the bottom tip of Ko Chang. White sandy beaches, few people and abundant sealife make the island a favourite hideaway for some travellers fleeing the screaming motorbikes and blaring all-night beats of the larger islands nearby.

There are only four bungalow operations on the island -- all on the north side of Ko Wai. It's from this coast that there are terrific views over nearby island.

If you can, try to decide where to stay before you arrive -- just so that the captain can drop you off at the nearest pier. If you can't decide, don't fret -- Ko Wai is a small place and all of the bungalows can be accessed on foot via a rough patch that runs along the island's northern coastline.

Bungalow operations run on power generators, and only turn the power on in the huts from 18:00 to 23:00 nightly. Some of the bungalows will rent out gas lamps if you want to stay up later.

If you are out late whooping it up, don't forget to take a torch as the paths between bungalows are quite rocky and there is just about nothing in the way of lighting.

Also, keep in mind that Ko Wai is a very small place. There are no 7-elevens, so stock up on the essentials before you leave.

Lastly, while the island may be small, it is home to some of the biggest and nastiest mosquitoes in the region, so make sure you pack some strong repellent or your bee-keeping costume.

How to get to Koh Wai:

Speedboats leave Laem Ngop Pier near Trat for Ko Wai at 10:20 and 16:20, the trip takes about 50 minutes and costs 350B. Speedboats head the other way at 11:05 and 17:05 each day. Book ahead at your bungalow or call (039) 50 1013 or (039) 52 2134. Another boat leaves from Klom Luang Pier near Trat at 15:00 every day for Ko Wai. The Island Hopper boat service leaves Bang Bao pier on Ko Chang every day at 08:00 and 12:00 and the journey take just under an hour. For the return trip, boats leave Ko Wai at 11:00 and 16:00.

Look for more information at page "Koh Kood"

 Hotels and guesthouses of Koh Wai:

Koh Wai Pakarang (Coral) Resort - Most luxurious option (300 bath)
105/21 Moo 2, Ko Wai
T: (084) 113 8945;

Koh Wai Paradise - Good restaurant, clean huts (250 bath)
9/5 Moo 6 Ko Wai
T: (081) 762 2548; F: (039) 597 131

Good Feeling - First one on the island (300 bath)
Ko Wai
T: (081) 850 3410;

Ao Yai Ma - Friendly and isolated (250 bath)
Ko Wai
T: (081) 841 3011;

Koh Wai. Ko Wai

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