Koh Mak. Ko Mak. Koh Maak

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Koh Mak has an area of 9,500 sq rai (16 sq km) of which 500 sq rai is public land. The remainder is made up of coconut and rubber plantations and is owned by 5 families. Three of these families can be traced back to the chinese ambassador.

There are 2 villages on Koh Mak 'Ban Ao Nid' on the Easthern coast is home to 50 families and has a population of 210 and 'Ban Laem Son' in the north of the island has 39 families with a population of 124. The total population of Koh Mak and the Koh Mak sub-district is nearly 900 this includes neighbouring islands Koh Rayang Nok, Koh Rayang Nai,Ko Pee, Koh Kham, and Koh Kradat. In total there are 21 islands, 9 habited and 12 uninhabited that make up the Koh Mak sub-district. Koh Mak is the 3rd largest after Koh Chang and Koh Kood.

Koh Mak is approximately 10 km from north to south and 5 km from east to west. The coastline is 26 km and has many beautiful white sand beaches. In particular the beaches of 'Ao Suan Yai' on the west side and 'Ao Kao' on the south side are long and deserted.

Most of the island is still covered by coconut and rubber plantations which is the island's main export products.

Many of the locals also make handicrafts from coconut shells, batik fabrics and furnitures. The oil extracted from coconuts can also be refined into a medical oil.

The majority of local people still work as farmers in the coconut and rubber plantations or as fisherman. There are 24 resorts on Koh Mak, this also generates employement for many of the local people.

 How to get to Koh Mak (Maak):

See at page "Koh Kood"

Suchanaree Resort:

450 bath/day

What to do in Koh Mak:

Night Market:

Every Saturday Night start 6:00 pm
Walking street, bakery, snack, foods, souvenirs etc
Live music tou can join with KohMak brand

Mountain bike:

Mountain bike for rent at Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort or Koh Mak Resort

Elephant Riding:

Visit the elephants at Elephants camp on the way to Laem Tookkata


Possible to Kayak to Koh Rayang, Koh Kham, Koh Pii and Koh Kradad

 Beach Volleyball:

Come and join sports on the beach at Ao Kao White Sand Beach

Buy 3 get 1 free cocktail:

The best bartender on Koh Mak Mr.Chain Sunset Bar at Ao Kao White Sand Beach Resort

Islands sigh seeing, Islands hopping:

Koh Kham Island : whitesand beach, snorkelling 200 THB
Koh Kradad 1 day trip : lot of deers and nice beach 500 THB
Koh Kood 1 day trip : fisherman village, waterfall etc 1,200 THB
Koh Rayang 1 day trip : snorkelling, lunch & cocktail on the beach 150 THB
Koh Pii and Koh Kham 1 day trip : snorkelling and relax 500 THB
Koh Mai Cee lek : Pearl farm, bee farm, drink coffee with honey please call

Real BBQ and grill Seafoods

TK HUt Restaurant start 6:30 pm

BBQ on the beach

Koh Mak Resort serve foods, drinks enjoy on Ao Soun Yai beach every wednesday and saturday evening

Beaches of Koh Mak (Maak)

Ao Kao Beach - one of the finest beach on Koh Mak
From Ao Kao Resort you can easily visit the near by Islands such as Koh Rayang, Koh Kra, Koh Kham, Koh Kradat or Koh Kood. There are 5 types of fan and air-conditioned rooms are located next to the beach. The fan run are ranging from 850 per night. The large and more comfortable air-conditioned are going for 1500 + per night. A Internet Café is attached to the restaurant. Kayaks, bicycles, snorkeling and fishing equipments are available for rent. It's a very good place to see the sunset.

Ao Soun Yai Beach - arguably the prettiest bay on the island, there are two islands offshore, Ko Phi to the west and Ko Kham to the north, the later of which has one bungalow operation. This area is great for sunsets.

Ao Kra Tueng Beach

Ao Nid - the south-eastern bay of Ao Nid is virtually devoid of sandy beaches, but is quite picturesque nonetheless and is a great place to catch the sunrise. There's just the one place to stay.

Safety and Emergency

Important telephone numbers.

Koh Mak Mayor : 039 524 038, 089 752 684

Rescue : 0879055886, 0871446014

Beach Guard : 0819256591

Airport Trat : 039 525 768

Hotels and guesthouses of Koh Mak (Maak):

Koh Maak Resort - Beautiful isolated location, a little overpriced (from 600 bath)
Ao Suan Yai, Ko Maak
T: (039) 501 013; F: (039) 501 013

Suchanaree - Budget bungalows on a killer beach (under 600 bath)
Ao Suan Yai, Ko Maak

Lazy Days - Modern, airy and expensive (from 1200 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (039) 501 064;

Baan Chai Lay - Superbly located mini-resort (about 600 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (087) 970 4633;

Monkey Island - Funky and happening (from 500 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (02) 286 7983; F: (02) 286 7983

Baan Koh Mak - Cosy rooms and friendly staff (from 800 bath)
17/1 Moo 1, Ao Kao, Ko Mak
T: (089) 895 7592; F: (02) 965 7615

T.K. Huts - Shady spot by the beach (from 400 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (087) 134 8435;

Holiday Beach Resort - Good value at the end of the beach (from 550 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (02) 319 6714; F: (02)319 6715

Ao Kao Resort - Plain but clean (from 650 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (039) 501 000-1; F: (039) 501 022

Island Huts - Simple but decent (from 150 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak
T: (087) 139 5537;

Bamboo Hut - Cheap and cheerful (from 300 bath)
Ao Kao, Ko Maak

Baan Ing Kao - Forgotten hideaway for the reclusive (from 500 bath)
North-western end of Ao Kao, Ko Maak

Kooh Mak Buri Hut Natural Resort - Stunning views, average rooms (from 300 bath)
Ao Nid, Ko Maak
T: (039) 524 049; F: (039) 524 050

Koh Mak. Koh Maak. Ko Mak


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