Web design in Pattaya. Web development in Pattaya. SEO


  • websites on static HTML (from 200$)
  • websites on CMS Joomla (from 250$)
  • design of print media
  • design of brochures, catalogs, business cards
  • support for websites (update information, reserve copying)
  • SEO (from 100 $/mo)
  • SMO (Face Book)
  • hosting (from 4 $/mo)
  • antivirus protection
  • and etc

Portfolio: web design

Portfolio: SEO

What is the difference in the CMS Joomla sites from static sites on HTML:

Websites on CMS Joomla:

Sites with content management system (CMS) allow you to quickly and easily change the contents of the website through a special form of editing.


  • after the site is configured and transferred to the customer, any info on it is because, as simple as working in Word
  • greatly simplified the process of changing elements of the navigation (menu), ie no need to rewrite every page of your site separately, for example when adding a new section of the site, which in turn reduces the cost of works
  • possibility of fast integration of ready modules (forums, polls, blogs, online stores, catalogs, photo and video galleries, etc.)
  • possibility of changing the design "on fly"

  • speed of download sites on the CMS is slightly smaller than the sites on static HTML
  • also more demanding for hosting resources

Websites on static HTML:

Any changes in websites on static HTML are made by manually rewriting the code, and pouring through the pages of fixed ftp-protocol.


  • clean code
  • light weight and correspondingly higher download speed
  • low cost


  • high cost of integration of additional modules (forums, polls, blogs, online stores, catalogs, photo and video galleries, etc.)
  • higher cost for work of making changes to the navigation elements (menus) than in sites with CMS Joomla
Thus, if you plan on a daily addition of new material to the site, predicting a further restructuring of the site, its sections, and you need to connect additional modules such as catalog or online store, you need a website CMS Joomla.

And if you need a site with 5 pages of text, photographs, and 2-3, in which you plan to make changes once every 1-2 months or you are planning an active website promotion in search engines, then you are fully fit at the site of static HTML.

Quick start your own b/w print media:

We can offer you the complete design of black and white magazine with format like "Goods and Prices", and if it is necessary we can provide regular layout of the journal on its own.


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