Visa services in Pattaya. Thailand Visa in Pattaya

Advance Adjusting Associates co., Ltd., ("AAA") is one of Bangkok's oldest and best recognized companies serving foreign and Thai-based clients who have difficult problems in Thailand, Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

Established in Bangkok almost 30 years ago, AAA brings to its clients the knowledge and experience required to solve problems or to avoid taking unnecessary risks. We offer companies and individuals a complete service for problem solving.

AAA is American managed, with a full complement of Thai legal staff and is an effective international corporate and individual "resource" which is part of an expanding network of affiliates offices throughout the world. This trans-national capability has enhanced the value of the scope of service offered to our clients.

AAA is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce, League International for Creditors, and American Collectors Association. Our current client list includes many international companies.
  • Civil & Criminal Litigation
  • Debt Collection
  • Company Information Reports
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Private Investigations for Corporations and Individuals
  • Visas & Work Permits
  • Domestic Relations
  • Company Formation
  • Disaster Litigation
  • Other Services
  • Billing Practices

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Tags: Visa services in Pattaya. Thailand Visa in Pattaya


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