Security in Thailand. Safety in Pattaya


  • Who had to walk on the main tourist streets of Pattaya certainly had to deal with obsessive children who vparivayut flowers and all sorts of bracelets. And it is very hard - the child is literally hangs on you and very hard to tear. There is a great way to ward off these children. Once they begin to droop - Shchekotov them. A pair of passes up and down the street and they have been remembered.
  • Dongtang beach is located between the beach and Jomtien Pattaya Park Beach. Known as geysky beach, as well as its criminal situation.
  • Not far from Pattaya Park rabble in the evening creeps, especially if it goes to soi5 on soybean 6
  • Money, tickets and passports it is desirable to deposit in the safe reception desk of the hotel and the staff receive a receipt (a receipt) with a detailed list and cost of deposited items, and make sure of the trustworthiness of the repository and become acquainted with the rules of the hotel for compensation for stolen property guests. Travel around the country (except flights) may be a copy of the passport.
  • If you rent a vehicle should be checked carefully for their condition (to take a photo and note existing damage in the contract), not to sign contracts that clearly does not specify the amount of payment for damages. Remember that giving your passport as collateral damage when the borrowed funds, its owner may demand payment of the high cost of repairs, so it's best to give a copy of the passport.
  • In Thailand, especially revered King, any offensive action, even photographs, can result in criminal penalties, the same applies to the notes with his picture.
  • In Thailand are extremely strict laws against illegal circulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. A person who found drugs, could face a large fine and / or imprisonment. The size of the fine and imprisonment depending on the amount of drugs found and their categories of Thai law. Owners of large quantities of hard drugs may even be sentenced to death.
  • If you are arrested on charges of misconduct, should be possible to settle the matter with the aggrieved party (if any), not to bring the case before the composition of the police official protocol. Otherwise, the police may, with leave of the court to conclude you in jail for up to 84 days (7 times in 12 days) during the investigation. Warning: the message of your arrest in the embassy - a signal to a police official registration protocol. After registration of police protocol violation You have the right to be released on bail (except for very serious crimes, in which the court may deny bail). In this case your passport is kept by the police, and its details are entered in a special database. Consequently, to leave Thailand before the court decision, you can not.
  • Because medical care in Thailand, quite expensive, it is strongly recommended not to save on the amount of insurance coverage: it is desirable that it is not less than 30 thousand dollars. In addition, care should be exercised to choose an insurance company.

In case of loss of documents:

You can get a "Certificate to return"

In the beginning is to contact the police and take the minutes of the loss of documents.

Then turn to your embassy:

Also It`s better to have a pre-made scan-copy documents (passports, tickets, travellerrs checks, plastic cards, etc) and lay out the files to their e-mail or file storage, so immediately you will show their identity (name) and its essence (the date of entry, type of visa or stamp). Print they can be in any Internet cafe.

The embassy can resolve to make a phone call. You can call home and ask them to send you money via Western Union to buy a one way ticket back home.

The issue with the loss of a plastic card to help solve the virtual card - it did not take it with you, but remember the number. Even if the plastic card is lost, having a virtual card you can pay for a room in a hotel near by a website. Pathos hotels like to ask to show the bank card so choose cheap hotels for booking. At the reception just show print scans. Virtual card is needed then your bank plastic cards stolen and compomented.

It is recommended to have 40-50$ at Skype. This will give you the opportunity, in a critical situation, to call from any location with Internet access. All useful phone numbers store in Skype-out contact.

You can use our service to place electronic copies of your documents in our file repository (at any time) and ask for online advice on ICQ.

To order services use our feedback form.

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