What to take care of before moving to Thailand

  • Check purchased American Express (since the euro and the dollar is more favorable for the exchange of baht)

  • Complect a first aid kit

  • Insurance at least 30 thousand $

  • Take with you 2 cards or card and cache / travellers checks

  • Take a minimum of clothes: a couple of shirts, jeans, shorts. Everything else you can buy on the spot if needed and prices will be much lower. Optimally the backpack, thereby sparing themselves the expectations of luggage at the airport, as well as potential problems in the event of loss.

  • Also you can do an international driver's license. Rent a car in Pattaya will cost you just 1000 baht / day bike rental 100-150 baht if you take a long time and in low season (May-September). It`s better to look for rent a car on the ground, unless you want it drove straight to the airport in Bangkok, in this case is to use the services network car rental companies in Thailand.

  • Large hotels cheaper to book in advance via the Internet (from 700 baht / day), but you can find accommodation yourself in 1,5-2 times cheaper. Described in detail in section "Real estate rent". If you book your hotel in advance, it is better to print driving directions and address in English and Thai, as drivers are often a poor guide to the city.

  • Put scan copies of passports and tickets to the external file storage or use our services

  • Bank cards Maestro and Visa Electron. 1-2 weeks before departure, you should call the telephone number listed on the card and order a permit for service in Thailand as the country in the list of suspects.
Requirements when choosing a bank:

  • Map of long-term, VISA or MasterCard, with support payments for technology 3D Secure (Verified by Visa (VbV)), or at least the bank did not reject such charges - it is necessary to pay for airfare and hotels on sites with logos Verified By VISA or MasterCard Secure Code

  • Convenient online bank with the ability to reissue the certificate of security remotely, without coming to your country

  • Ability to prevent the bank that the cancellation of the card will be produced in Thailand (that the Security Bank did not show extra vigilant and not block the card)

  • SMS and email service announcements on all transactions with the card account - purchases, cash withdrawals, credited to the account, etc.

  • Ability to apply for a reissue credit cards over the Internet or by telephone, without a visit to the bank itself.

  • Ability to call the bank and the code words to produce any action, for example - to lock or unlock the account.

  • Low interest rates for cash withdrawals at ATMs Thai.

  • Could block your card online

  • Minimum number of needed personal visits to bank

  • Possibility of another person to put money on the card

  • Ability to transfer money to accounts in other banks, including foreign (particularly in Thai)

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