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Pattaya night life guide

Nightlife in North Pattaya is quieter still, but even here there are probably a hundred bars. There are also restaurants and pub-restaurants with a variety of music from Thai folk to covers of modern western rock and pop performed by local bands and singers. North Pattaya is also home to the famous Alcazar Cabaret and the even larger Tiffany Cabaret, both of which feature beautiful transexuals who mime to both old and modern music while dressed in glitzy costumes. These remain extremely popular with tourists. In most Pattaya bars girls just wanna have fun!

For the gay nightlife scene Pattaya has Boyz Town centered round Soi Pattayaland 1 and 3. This noisy and popular area has many gay go-go bars and beer bars. The adjacent Sunee Plaza is similar but both quieter and more private. Gay bars can also be found in other parts of Pattaya that cater for a more mixed crowd in usually quieter settings. Jomtien Beach is another gay meeting area.

Apart from the raucous side, Pattaya also has a number of other night time venues. Thai kick boxing known as Muay Thai can be seen at a number of bars scattered around Pattaya. These do not host events every night, so it’s best to ask at your hotel for information on where to go on a particular night. Pattaya also has two cinemas featuring English soundtrack movies. These can be found at Big C in North Pattaya and Royal Garden Plaza in Central Pattaya. The three bowling alleys can be found at Jomtien, on Second Road and in South Pattaya. Ripley’s Believe It or Not also opens fairly late with a number of entertaining attractions in addition to its bizare exhibitions.

Sometimes, a walk down the Pattaya bay promenade, simply people watching can be an entertaining and more low-key way to enjoy the nightlife, although you are likely to be accosted constantly by ‘freelancing bar girls’ who can be quite annoying with their persistance. It’s all part of Pattaya’s atmosphere. There are however, plenty of decent, quiet restaurants and pubs to hide in if the whole scene becomes a bit too appalling to your sensibilities.

Pattaya Go Go girls

Pattaya is full of go go bars and it’s one of the main reasons many visitors come to the city. Unlike most of Thailand, the sex industry thrives in Pattaya as long as everyone sticks to the rules. Prostitution is actually illegal in Thailand but it’s tolerated in certain areas. There are plenty of go go bars in Pattaya, most of the largest being situated around Walking Street and in Pattayaland, nearby. There are more on the lanes leading off Beach Road, as well as a few in Jomtien and North Pattaya if you don’t want to travel too far from your hotel.

The atmosphere in the go go bars of Pattaya is very relaxed and has none of the clandestine character and sleaze of red light districts in other countries. The girls are fun, friendly and willing to go home with you for a reasonable fee. If you are new to Pattaya you needn’t feel embarrassed, and can pop into a bar and quietly sit watching sport on the TV or the girls dancing, over a beer. The girls will approach you and although some are quite forward they are, on the whole, respectful. Also, unlike bars in specific ‘go go areas’ of Bangkok there is no pressure to buy overpriced drinks. All of the go go bars in Pattaya are entered through a curtain or door, with plenty of touts outside, mainly pretty ladies to guide you in. Most don’t charge for entry.

  The smaller Pattaya go go bars usually have about 10 girls ‘working’ in each, and the larger ones have as many as 50. And the girls available aren’t all Thai either. ‘European girls only’ at Amazon in Walking Street, are mostly Russian and Eastern European girls, and some are real stunners. When it comes to the essence of their trade there really isn’t any defined rule about what is and isn’t a go go bar. Strictly speaking, go go bars in Pattaya should be discreetly closed to the public, and usually has semi-naked dancers on a stage and a dark ‘stripper’ atmosphere. These are usually some of the sexiest, though charmless and most expensive girls on offer. But, walking down the many lanes in the area, you’ll find countless regular bars full of hostesses who aren’t there solely to pour or serve your drinks. These are relaxed, open places with lively music and sports on TVs.  

Most go go bars in Pattaya feature loud music, expensive drinks and a lot of girls. Many men take their girlfriends in with them for a quick drink, but for the more serious male tourist this is why he is in Pattaya. About 75 per cent or more of the visitors to Pattaya are (supposedly) single men. Just choose which one of the lovelies you fancy and buy her a drink first get acquainted. It won’t be long before you are approached, but you’re welcome to sit and drink alone for a while, they will soon leave you to yourself. Lady drinks often cost a little more and may be watered down.

To take a girl out of the bar you must pay a ‘bar fine’. This ranges from 200 – 500 baht, depending on how sexy the girl is or how popular the place is. This is supposedly to compensate the owner for the loss of the girl’s services. Sometimes this fee is negotiable, particularly nearer the end of the evening.

Although the most common practice is to take the girl out the go go bars, some go go bars offer room facilities on site or the girls will direct you to a nearby ‘short time’ hotel. Some of the girls will charge you 500/1000 for a ‘short-time’ which is usually less than an hour (if she’s any good), of which they get about 200 baht, so a tip on top is expected but not necessary. You may also have to pay for the rent of a room (100/200 baht). In Pattaya go go bars, don’t presume you’re the first that day, especially if she’s very pretty.

However, at most go go bars in Pattaya you can take the girls off to your hotel room and this is the most common practice. Girls will expect more if you want them to stay all night and some guys simply ‘hire’ a girl as companions for several days. Earlier in the evening, some girls will agree to a reasonable short time fee if they know they can be back in the bar to try their luck on someone else. The general rule here is that if a girl is with you for more than three days you pay for everything but sleeping with her. Your hotel security guard will always insist on her depositing her ID card at reception so your chances of being drugged and robbed are much reduced. Go go bars in Pattaya offer everything.

The tiny Soi Diamond, off Walking Street, alone, has a choice of 12 different go go bars, from Shark Agogo (Soi Diamond, 2nd floor, Walking Street (Beach Road)), to Diamond Agogo (Soi Diamond, off Walking Street), which has a choice of entertainments, Heaven Above (upstairs) and Naughty Girls are two others. The rest of Walking Street really speaks for itself at night, with young touts, both male and female at every go go bar entrance.

In the Pattayaland sois (13/1,2,3,and 4) there are other go go bars from Chrystal girls to Kitten Club, Spicy Girls, Classroom One (325/77-79, Soi 13/4, South Pattaya, Pattaya City, Chonburi 20260), and many, many more. In Pattayaland these are interspersed with gay bars, gay go go bars and clubs, so make sure you go into the right ones! Sometimes a quick drink-and-out may save face, but you can normally tell by the girls/boys outside the door, unless they are all ‘kratoeys’, (lady- boys or transvestites) some of whom may confuse you with both boobs and sexy dresses.

Soi Yamoto, Soi Post Office, and Soi 8, are other places to find go go bars in Pattaya. Kittens on Naklua Road and a few in Jomtien, means you don’t have to go too far, but South Pattaya is where it’s at for go go bars.

If you really need them, bearing in mind the number of ‘unattached’ single ladies in Pattaya who are only too willing to spend a comfortable night in a good hotel bed for 500/1000 baht with very few “holds barred”, you could try one of the escort agencies. They will come to you in your home, hotel or condo.

Pattaya also has a lot of ‘freelancing’ prostitutes. These are girls who prefer not to work in bars, are not sexy enough or are regular girls who make themselves ‘available part time’. They tend to frequent discos or bars that do not have a bar fine arrangement. However, the largest congregation of them can be found loitering around on the promenade along the beachfront of Pattaya bay, openly soliciting passer-bys. At times the sheer number and persistence of these girls can be quite irritating and certainly doesn’t do the city’s reputation much good. They are generally cheaper (without a bar fine), and less likely to have been ‘over-worked’. However, many of these girls are simply students who occasionally indulged in the sex trade for pocket money and it’s a very unfortunate consequence of the modern material habits and devalued morals of Thai youth. Please bare this in mind when dealing with these girls...

Sex massage in Pattaya - full body

Massage establishments in Thailand are often associated with sex. Massages are a long standing and popular tradition in Thailand but massage “parlours”, as opposed to shops, offer you a lot more than just relaxation of your muscles. Although these are concentrated mostly in Bangkok and Phuket there are quite a number of places in Pattaya where you can get away from the bar scene near the beach altogether and have your own bit of private fun with a sex massage.

Body massage parlours are an altogether different experience

These sex massage parlours in Pattaya are not really geared to the Western foreign tourist trade and most are kept quite hidden from the general visitor to Pattaya. Since the parlours provide the rooms for a short term service (the girls aren’t taken off the premises) these are popular with the Thai men who want to keep things a secret and with visiting Far Eastern nationals who can turn-up by the bus-load occasionally. However all nationalities are welcomed equally, and the girls apparently prefer Western men.

Many sex massage parlours in Pattaya are attached to large entertainment complexes and can be a bit hard to find if you don’t know where to look. When you enter one you will find that the girls are displayed behind a one-way mirror, sometimes called a ‘fishbowl’. The selection of ladies varies according to the time of evening or night (some are even open from late afternoon) or the time of the month. Each girl wears a number, making it easier for you to select the one you fancy.

The sex massage begins with a thorough soaping down in a large bath-tub in the room. The girls can be pretty adept at this, and will join you in the bath-tub after a while. After that it’s entirely up to you. Girls in these establishments may go with quite a few men during a day’s work, and normally the whole experience lasts about an hour and a half, costing between 1000 and 2000baht.

Dirty massages

A different and cheaper ‘massage’ often given is sometimes called the dirty massage. This is an oil massage where you get massaged in ‘additional places’ for an extra fee of about 300 to 500 baht (on top of the 200+ baht for the massage). There are many places in Pattaya that specialise in this and other regular massage shops that will find a girl who will oblige, provided you are in a private booth.

However, not all massage shops are willing to do this, some may even be a little surprised at the suggestion, though you won’t have been the first to ask in Pattaya. There are many regular massage shops around, so choose one that has private cubicles, ask for an oil massage and take off your clothes. If you have done this, they will take usually take the hint and offer.

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